Ken Jacks, CPYB

Cell: 443-223-8901

I have owned several new and used boats both sail & power and been involved in boating since I was about 8 years old. In 1999 my wife and I purchased a new 40’ boat and lived aboard for five years. It took me two and a half years, while we both worked at our professions full time, to install all the systems, (plumbing, electrical refrigeration, rigging, engine, etc.) that I thought we would need to be comfortable, safe and follow the sun. In 2001 I retired from the practice of law and my wife resigned as the executive director of a school for learning disabled adults and we left Connecticut for Maine. We cruised from Maine to the Florida Keys and out to the Bahamas for the next two and a half years. Along the way I became a Coast Guard licensed 50 ton master.

When we swallowed the hook and settled in Maryland, I worked on the schooner WOODWIND (featured in the movie Wedding Crashers), became an American Sailing Association (ASA) certified instructor and taught sailing for ten years at the Chesapeake Sailing School, Annapolis Sailing School and the Sailing Academy.

In 2012 I became a Yacht Broker with Crusader Yacht Sales. In November 2015 I passed the exam and was certified by The National Yacht Brokers Certification Advisory Council as having the necessary experience, technical knowledge, know-how and ethics to be a “Certified Professional Yacht Broker” (CPYB).

I enjoy meeting people talking about boats and have been successful at selling both power and sail. If you’re in the market I would love to help you buy a boat or list your boat for sale.

You can contact me at or by calling my cell phone: 443-223-8901.