Selling your boat? Here’s why you should list with Crusader

“All boats rise with the tide”

and Crusader’s tide is rising!

We have worked hard to grow and evolve the business during this difficult time and it is paying dividends!

Compared to 2008:

    1. We had a 30% increase in sales

    2. Our website visits increased by 274%!

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q:  How do you know how much your website increased?

A:  Google Analytics is a very powerful tool.

    1. We can generate many different reports: by day, month, content viewed, geographic area, etc.

    2. We know, for example that in December 2009, we had visitors from 73 countries. Our international visitors have risen dramatically.

    3. We can tell average number of pages viewed, average time spent on the site, what pages were viewed. It is fun and exciting to see, and it is tempting to over-analyze numbers, but we are monitoring trends to make sure that we are on the right track. Very powerful stuff.

Q:  That is remarkable, especially considering that much of the marine industry experienced decreases around 40%.  How did you do it?

A:  Obviously, it is the result of a lot of factors:

    1. Our staff are great professionals – they are experienced, successful brokers. We are all credentialed “CPYB” brokers. Our brokers represent a diverse cross section of both sail and power, not limiting CYS to a niche.

    2. We changed our emphasis from print ads to a more Internet-based marketing approach. This successful campaign was designed to:

    i. Increase search engine optimization.

    ii. Target specific buyers

    iii. Increase the visibility of individual listings

Q:  As a seller, I don’t understand how increased general website activity helps sell my boat.  Wouldn’t an ad in one of the magazines with my boat listed be better?

A:  Increased activity equals an increase in personal contacts.  Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you ads for particular houses and open houses are mainly done to make the seller happy, and to entice other sellers to list with them.  Rarely do sales come from direct inquiries on a particular boat.

    1. Our job as a professional broker to is match buyers with sellers.

    2. Once we establish that someone is considering buying a boat, we go through a process to help the buyers find the right boat. Often, it is not the boat that started our conversation.

    3. So, you can see that it is truly a “numbers game.” The more potential buyers we talk to, the more boats we sell. Since “All boats rise on the tide,” all boats listed by Crusader will benefit.

    4. It is much easier to point to an ad in one of the magazines than to explain some of the rather high-tech methods we are using now to promote our company and our listings, but we think that sellers are savvy enough to realize that times have changed.

    5. Of course, we do still advertise in magazines, just not as much as we did before. We have actually increased our marketing budget.

Q:  But what will you do for my boat?

A:  We will work together to create a Marketing Plan.  See our website section “Selling” for more details.

Q:  I saw your display in Tent C at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October.  Was that your first time with a tent display?

A:  Yes.  In addition to the wonderful Pacific Seacraft display on Dock C, we also had a completely new display on land, featuring our beautiful brokerage boats, and new Pacific Seacrafts and Bruckmanns.

    1. We started with a blank slate, and designed a booth that showcased our unique blend of hi-tech marketing and friendly brokers. We had a great slide show of our brokerage boats on a 48″ TV, as well as two computers with monitors and Internet connections to enable brokers to have detailed, productive conversations with buyers and sellers.

    2. The fresh, modern look of the display received lots of compliments. This exposure definitely helped us finish 2009 with a flourish – December was one of our best months ever!

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