Dave & Rhonda Mancini are in the South Pacific on their Pacific Seacraft 34. Their website www.swancruise.com has lots of useful information, including an article about why they chose a Pacific Seacraft. My wife and I decided to buy a cruising yacht and go offshore cruising. I had done it once before and dreamed of doing it again. I guess I talked about it enough that she caught the fever, too, so we began to look for the perfect blue water cruising boat. After a lot of research into cruising sailboat designs, we decided on the Pacific Seacraft 34, a proven offshore cruising yacht designed by Bill Crealock. With many global voyages to its credit, the Pacific Seacraft 34 seemed the best blue water sailboat for us. All boats are a compromise, but Pacific Seacraft compromised the least in the areas we believed were necessary for accomplishing our particular plans. So, we sold our house and pretty much everything else of value and began looking for one.