TARTAN and C&C Yachts Appoint Crusader Yacht Sales Mid Atlantic Dealer

We are thrilled to represent such an American boating legend.  Tartan is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with new ownership.  Tartan and C&C will be at the Annapolis show – on “Ego Alley” (Dock I) as usual. 

New owner Steve Malbasa and Tartan designer Tim Jackett have set a new company mission statement:

Operate the business with a ‘customer first’ focus.  In our business we really have two sets of customers – the boat owners and the dealers who represent them.  We need to cause both of them to experience only the highest level of satisfaction with our boats and services.

Create a working environment for all our associates that leads to passion and pride in their work

Achieve a level of profitability to ensure another 50 years of producing quality Tartan and C&C sailboats, but only after achieving the first two objectives.

We are proud to join a new group of well-respected professional dealers across the country – all of whom are committed to live by these goals.