Whirlwind – Sabre 42

Working with Gary Jobson, who is truly an icon of our sport (Navigator aboard America’s Cup winning Defender “Courageous”), might have been intimidating, but I quickly discovered that the opposite was the case. Gary has a disarming and personable manner that has served him well over the years. He extended every possible courtesy to the new owner. Working with America’s “face of sailing” turned out to be a very rewarding experience.

Once Terry Brady (buyer) made a close personal inspection of the boat, he was comfortable in moving forward with surveys and sea trials. I coordinated this with Hartoft Marine Survey and scheduled a quick-haul at Bert Jabins Marina.

“Whirlwind” was exceptionally well prepared for survey and sea trials, right down to the safety equipment being up to date and all in place. A well prepared boat can be surveyed more thoroughly and in fewer hours than the average boat.
The seller’s mechanics commissioned all of the boats systems in advance, and riggers had the sails bent on a day in advance. What a difference this makes on survey day! The post survey punch list required the hot water heater be re-set, a couple of cockpit scupper hoses be replaced (they might have lasted another five years but better safe than sorry), and replacement of a couple of defunct GFI receptacles.

As the buyer was unable to attend the sea trial, Gary went through the boat from stem to stern with a Dictaphone to be transcribed into an up to date operations manual for the boat. This is intended to save the new owner hours of re-inventing the wheel!

Finding the right buyer for “Whirlwind” took several months longer than we anticipated, perhaps due to prevailing market conditions. My first visit to the boat was with the mast down and the boat in a dark shed, far Downeast on the Maine Coast. Perhaps one of the ultimate cruising destinations in the world but not an accelerator in getting prospective buyers aboard! With “Whirlwind” relocated to Annapolis this past September, it was in a choice position to be shown during the Annapolis Sailboat Show and subsequently over the winter.  “Whirlwind” will be missed here on the Chesapeake but is clearly in good hands!