Living the Dream…

Dave Roberts started his adventure when he bought his Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37 through Crusader. Since then, he has had many wonderful adventures on Maiden Song. Here is an excerpt from his blog:

Maiden Song arrived in Barbados (West Indies) after a delightful 19-day crossing from Cape Verde. Two months in the Azores were fantastic. Friendly Portuguese people who want to talk with you even though they don’t understand what you’re saying. Beautiful rolling hills with pastures separated by wild blue hibiscus. Waterfalls a hundred meters high. Small villages that have somehow escaped the passing of time. Lush vegetation with lots of clean fresh water everywhere. Hiking along ancient roadways that are merely foot paths with stone walls on both sides. People restoring abandoned windmills and living in them.
Two months in Cape Verde were equally wonderful, but in a different way. Such contrasts! Beautiful white sand deserts scattered with oases on the island of Boavista and Alp-like mountains reaching to the sky on Santo Antao. The people are a mix of African and Portuguese – very beautiful. And friendly. If you ask for directions how to get somewhere, they will invariably find someone to accompany you, even if it takes hours. This once happened twice in the same day while on an overnight hike. Startling mountain scenery with villages perched half-way up the mountain, accessible only by foot or donkey.